[AMRadio] Re: R 388

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Jul 17 01:16:39 EDT 2007

> Thanks Don. I was hoping that this was no the case. I have taken a few of
> these things out and adjusted them. I t is a real pain in the butt to do 
> and
> was hoping that someone would come up with something else that  might 
> cause
> the problem that I described.  I just do not feel like doing it to this 
> unit
> as it belongs to friend and it is a very late model. The wiring under the
> chasis is pristine and the is also very clean there.  I am a bir
> apprehensive about doing anything to the radio that involves major
> surgery!!!!! I guess I will have to try though.  Thanks for the advise. 
> This
> is exactly the kind of info that I was looking for. Someone else that had
> the same thoughts on the mattter as I did!!!  Thanks
> Joe K4TR

If it is like the R-390 series or 75A-4, you don't have to do major surgery. 
I have done both receivers without removing the PTO from the receiver.  As I 
recall, I fabricated a tool to reach the slug adjustment and was able to do 
it with the PTO intact inside the receiver.  You may have to remove a 
sub-panel cover.  If you have a manual it should cover the procedure.



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