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Well Guys the Problem was easier than I thought it would be.  It seems that 
when the last person to put the PTO in the R 388 Got everything right EXCEPT 
lining up the endstop portion of the dial train with the Pto!!!  I used a 
frequency counter as was suggested by one of the guys and discovered that 
the PTO output was correct just a bit off   (2.75mhz to 3.75 mhz)  . I just 
loosened the dial knob on the front side of the PTO turned it 1 turn clock 
wise and I now have the proper positioning of the of the frequency display 
on the slide rule readout. All that is left to do is center up the round khz 
dial  and then do an alignment.  I want to take this opportunity to thank 
all the guys especially John and Don and all the others for the valuable 
advice.  Without it I think the radio would still be in the corner gathering 
dust while I tried to figure out what the next step would be.  Thanks very 
much guys for the help.

Joe K4TR

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>> Thanks Don. I was hoping that this was no the case. I have taken a few of
>> these things out and adjusted them. I t is a real pain in the butt to do 
>> and
>> was hoping that someone would come up with something else that  might 
>> cause
>> the problem that I described.  I just do not feel like doing it to this 
>> unit
>> as it belongs to friend and it is a very late model. The wiring under the
>> chasis is pristine and the is also very clean there.  I am a bir
>> apprehensive about doing anything to the radio that involves major
>> surgery!!!!! I guess I will have to try though.  Thanks for the advise. 
>> This
>> is exactly the kind of info that I was looking for. Someone else that had
>> the same thoughts on the mattter as I did!!!  Thanks
>> Joe K4TR
> If it is like the R-390 series or 75A-4, you don't have to do major 
> surgery. I have done both receivers without removing the PTO from the 
> receiver.  As I recall, I fabricated a tool to reach the slug adjustment 
> and was able to do it with the PTO intact inside the receiver.  You may 
> have to remove a sub-panel cover.  If you have a manual it should cover 
> the procedure.
> 73,
> Don
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