[AMRadio] Re: Boatanchor Transmitter

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Sat Jul 21 21:17:48 EDT 2007

If I knew where the transmitter came from and if it had been kept in the dry, that would be OK. I know too well about the vultures in ham radio. I have helped sell some estate sales, and I always ask the executors of the estate what THEY want for the equipment. I have been fortunate to get most equipment from dry basements. Years ago, I had the bad fortune to get some power transformers that were exposed to moisture, and even after being dried out, shorted out. I know the guys on this list like to build stuff, but $500. is a lot for an unknown quantity, especially when guys like me have so little time to rebuild. I hope that someone rescues it from the trash heap and puts it on the air.
                                                                          Joe W4AAB

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