[AMRadio] Boatanchor Transmitter FS in Salem, OR

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Sat Jul 21 22:17:32 EDT 2007

Yes, if the parts are any good, its worth $500.00,
less is a steal if its not a ball of rust.

Unless its built better then I build my stuff, I would not
care if it works, it's the parts you want.

If its built better then I build, its worth lots more!

I think the demand for parts is likely to fall off as
everyone gets their flex radio and the kids are
more into Iphones and such...


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> >> I looked at this unit when it was for sale for $200  a 
> couple months ago and chose not to buy it.  It hasn't been 
> fired up in years!  It may be ok but I certainly would insist 
> that it be checked before buying at that price! 
> crawfish wrote:
> > I look to see it on epay soon. At least if someone wanted a 
> challenge, this would
> > be one. But not for $500. $200. maybe, but only after it 
> "cooked" for awhile.  
> >   
> Lessee.. it's gotta have *at least* one plate transformer worth about 
> 2500v @ half-amp, some big oil-filled caps, probabl some 866s, and a 
> 2.5v @ a couple of amps filament transformer for them, either 
> a pi-net 
> output (tuning unit and high-voltage capacitor) or plug-in 
> coils... is 
> it complete?  Got a Speech-amp in front of the modulator?  Let's not 
> forget the tubes, sockets, filament transformers, modulation 
> transformer, and all that steel that the chassis are made of, and the 
> rack it sits inside of, and let's not forget the meters...
> Everyone wants to get something for nothing.
> I'd had to see the rig disassembled, but the average ham 
> today wants to 
> be able to basically walk into someone's shack and take what 
> they want, 
> and just walk out, like nothing happened.
> I understand -why- some hams feel like they've got to set a 
> 'limit' on 
> their 'estate'... there are vultures out there, ready to 
> 'pounce' on the 
> poor widows of ancient hams, but if the ham knows before hand, then 
> perhaps he can give back to the community that gave to him.
> I don't know who'll be left when I go... I think I'm the youngest one 
> around here (48) but trust me, that doesn't mean I want all of anyone 
> else's stuff when -they- go ;-)  I've got -more than enough- 
> of my own :-)
> Sounds like the rig would have been a bargain at $200.oo
> Instead of looking for a Ruby in a pig pen, for less than 
> half of what 
> it's going for now, perhaps a little polish and elbow grease 
> would have 
> made that ol' rig shine like a Diamond in a goats... well... 
> you get the 
> idea :-)
> Don't get me wrong... there are those that think they can 
> capitalize on 
> some gear, just because it's old.  But, the true junk 
> collectors creed is:
> " 'Tis far better to have and not want,
> than to want and not have. "
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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