[AMRadio] Re: Boatanchor in Salem

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 10:50:43 EDT 2007

Craig C. Heaton wrote:
> Well fellows,
> The pic on QTH, fronts not bad and I'm a sucker for black wrinkle paint/rack-n-panel stuff.

I just looked at the pictures for the first time.  Someone said it was 
'filthy and dirty' - not from what *I* can tell...

> Although the advertised 750 watts might be stretching things a little.

ya think?  ;-)

> Good iron will make this a 24/7 500 watt rig. Minus;  no exciter, gotta add
> maybe a Johnson Ranger. 

I'd think something a little more "modern", like some rice-box and a 
pair of T/R relays to go from TX to RX on the rice-box with better 
sensitivity/selectivity (if you have one) and 10w on most little rigs is 
plenty conservative enough, plus the added benefit of a digital read-out 

> So here it is a full legal limit 1500 PEP output boatanchor, keep the fingers crossed the iron is gud. Just add elbow grease.

*IF* it's -that- dirty.  Heck, some of the stuff I operate in my shack, 
don't look as clean as the front of this rig, and I'm told it works 
-well-  ;)

73 = Best Regards,

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