[AMRadio] Re: Boatanchor in Salem

Craig C. Heaton wd8kdg at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jul 22 12:40:59 EDT 2007

Hi Bry,

Pair of 813's at 1KW wouldn't be my first choice, but then again for amateur
service, give it a try. I don't know........never built one. A pair of
4-250A's X 810's would be a fine first choice, or 4-400A's X 810's to really
loaf along.

Trying to 100% plate modulate a pair of 813's with a pair of 811's as
modulators at 750 watts DC input to the finals?  But,I'd consider looking at
the toob specs as not to p*ss beat them, heard the other day some toobs
aren't being made anymore. Then again, haven't looked under the hood of the
transmitter in question and haven't a clue as to the modulation method.

But back to the Sweet Home/Salem homebrew transmitter........still worth a
lookie-see. And I don't have a nickel in it.


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QST published a number of articles showing a pair of 813 tubes
used as a 1KW input RF final, if I am not mistaken.

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