[AMRadio] Re: Boatanchor in Salem

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Sun Jul 22 20:30:22 EDT 2007

My pair of 813's will do 600 watts carrier all day
long, 700+ is no problem, they are supposed to run 
2000 volts at 400 ma (a pair) but you can
increase the voltage or current with some forced air
cooling and icas service.

A pair of 811a's is not enough, and I don't know about
running them at 2000 volts, they will take it I guess,
I have run them at 1750 volts, but a pair of 4x150a/4cx250b
in AB1 does real nice, 900 watts of audio out at 2000 volts.

For lots of clean iron, tubes and sockets, the price seems

I sold a pair of 812A's modulated by 811A's I built
for $2000.00.
That was good for about 350 watts of carrier, no
A pair of 813's is a good start!


> Well fellows,
> If the shack wasn't crowded.......... it's worth the trip 
> from Springfield,
> OR to Salem for a lookie-see. $500 couldn't buy the iron if 
> its in good
> shape. The pic on QTH, fronts not bad and I'm a sucker for 
> black wrinkle
> paint/rack-n-panel stuff.
> Although the advertised 750 watts might be stretching things 
> a little. My
> old handbook from 1960 sez 813's are worth 300 watts each 
> used in class C
> plate modulation. The 811A's; a pair class B push/pull will 
> last a long time
> at 250 watts, ala Junkston 500's and globking 500's. Max is 
> about 340 watts
> for a pair of 811A's.
> Good iron will make this a 24/7 500 watt rig. Minus;  no 
> exciter, gotta add
> maybe a Johnson Ranger. So here it is a full legal limit 1500 
> PEP output
> boatanchor, keep the fingers crossed the iron is gud. Just 
> add elbow grease.
> 73's
> wd8kdg
> Craig
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