[AMRadio] Boatanchor Transmitter FS in Salem, OR

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Sun Jul 22 21:13:55 EDT 2007

Well, there is still a good amount of demand for parts and so on,
but I don't know if most of it gets used.
I know a number of people who have lots of stuff yet have not built anything
for 25 years. The only way you could get any parts out of them
is to pry it from their cold dead hands, and these guys are friends...

As we get older and kick the bucket, I don't see anyone behind us 
that is interested in old stuff.

What is the average age of an AM operator?
I would say about 60 or 70 years old... 

Anyone know any 20 year olds homebrewing tube stuff?


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> Brett gazdzinski wrote:
> > If its built better then I build, its worth lots more!
> >
> > I think the demand for parts is likely to fall off as
> > everyone gets their flex radio and the kids are
> > more into Iphones and such...
> Oh, I think we're there now, Brett... Thank goodness for people like 
> Gary/WZ1M who rewind transformers, Brian who sells crystals, and some 
> other guys who mostly stay quiet about parts, and just come up with 
> stuff, or have a way of making stuff 'apear' on your shack 
> door-step...
> There are a lot of hams that are no longer with us, that were great 
> about that.  W5PYT was one of 'em, W5MEU was another, R.I.P. 
> to the both 
> of these fine examples of Hams.
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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