[AMRadio] Average OP Age was BA Tr FS

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 11:31:13 EDT 2007

DOXEMF at aol.com wrote:

> No shortage of meters here but who even can calculate the shunt or series resistor for an analog meter nowdays.
>   From some of the questions I see posted by newbys on several Ham forums I have to wonder how they ever passed the test.

Depends on the meter movement.  A FS=1mA meter movement is 1000 ohms per 
volt.  So, in order to measure kV, the series shunt is 1Megohm per 1000v.
Therefore, if your DC volt meter reads 0 ~ 5, then 5Megohms would 
measure 5,000VDC at full scale.

I think, though, you're asking more along the lines of "who, of the 
'todays ham' crowd even posses the knowledge of how to build a meter 
shunt" and I've got to agree.

Have you -seen- a test, recently?  I got licensed in Feb of 1984, by two 
general class license holders.  That was before the VE program.  In 
September of that following year, was the last time the FCC came to San 
Antonio to administer tests.  The VE program was -very- close behind (3 
months or so, as I recall). 

10 years after that, I helped out in the VE program, and Oh My 
Goodness!! The CW test is 'MULTIPLE GUESS'? (back when they -had- CW 
testing ~sigh~)

The theory questions weren't much better...

"What is the current through a 1k ohm resister if 1v is applied across it?
A) 250 Amps
B) 117VAC
C) 47 ohms
D) 100mA

No, seriously.. it was -that- bad!  And that was 13 years ago.  Can you 
imagine how much further down the bar has been 'lowered' by the 
lobbyist/employers of the Yae-com-wood manufacturers of today?

Wait... you (collectively) looked surprised....

Oh, c'mon... you don't -really- think the ARRL lowered the standards of 
entry level Ham Radio licensing out of the goodness of their hearts, do you?

"Money Talks"
(you know the rest)

73 = Best Regards,

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