[AMRadio] Average OP Age was BA Tr FS

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Jul 23 11:51:31 EDT 2007

I'm *LESS* concerned about the calculations, *OR* building the shunt.

I have *MUCH* more concern for the youngster when it comes to *making* 
the High Voltage Probe!

What clue does he have about insulation thickness?

What about creapage distance?

Heathkit used to make and sell a 20KVDC HV probe.   Has anyone priced a 
new one lately?

Go ahead - take your 1KV VTVM and poke around a 3KV or 4KV power supply 
- heck, even 2KV?!?!?!

Somebody is *going* to get seriously hurt!

Run a pair of 813s @ 2KV.   Okay, whom is going to do what measurements?

THIS IS what *WE* are losing with *US* getting older!  <I'm a young pup 
at 57!>

Bob - N0DGN

 >Geoff/W5OMR wrote:
> Depends on the meter movement.  A FS=1mA meter movement is 1000 ohms 
> per volt.  So, in order to measure kV, the series shunt is 1Megohm per 
> 1000v.
> Therefore, if your DC volt meter reads 0 ~ 5, then 5Megohms would 
> measure 5,000VDC at full scale.
> I think, though, you're asking more along the lines of "who, of the 
> 'todays ham' crowd even posses the knowledge of how to build a meter 
> shunt" and I've got to agree.
> Have you -seen- a test, recently?  I got licensed in Feb of 1984, by 
> two general class license holders.  That was before the VE program.  
> In September of that following year, was the last time the FCC came to 
> San Antonio to administer tests.  The VE program was -very- close 
> behind (3 months or so, as I recall).
> 10 years after that, I helped out in the VE program, and Oh My 
> Goodness!! The CW test is 'MULTIPLE GUESS'? (back when they -had- CW 
> testing ~sigh~)
> The theory questions weren't much better...
> "What is the current through a 1k ohm resister if 1v is applied across 
> it?
> A) 250 Amps
> B) 117VAC
> C) 47 ohms
> D) 100mA
> No, seriously.. it was -that- bad!  And that was 13 years ago.  Can 
> you imagine how much further down the bar has been 'lowered' by the 
> lobbyist/employers of the Yae-com-wood manufacturers of today?
> Wait... you (collectively) looked surprised....
> Oh, c'mon... you don't -really- think the ARRL lowered the standards 
> of entry level Ham Radio licensing out of the goodness of their 
> hearts, do you?
> "Money Talks"
> (you know the rest)
> -- 
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR

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