[AMRadio] KWS-1 on AM

Phil Lamarche plamarc1 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Jul 23 14:56:59 EDT 2007

I had a pair of KWS-1's, 75A4's while on Drift Station Alpha at the North
Pole in 1958.  Operated 24/7 for 11 months until the ice broke up and the
two pairs are now 8000 ft below on the ocean floor. I have warm thoughts
about them as one pair saved our lives on the expedition.  When the ice pack
broke up, I pulled the equipment to a safe piece of ice with a gasoline
generator and two ski's to run wire between.  We only had 2600 ft of ice
runway left and needed to find the right plane to come in and then get off.
Found a C-123J in Mass that flew to Greenland and then it got stripped down.
Landed OK following my signal and then 17 of us without parka's or any other
items of weight, huddled in the back as the 123 revved the engines to
minimum and popped the Jato's and off we went.  That what I meant about nice
thoughts about Collins.


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Doesn't sound half bad?
Mine sounded 9/10 bad!

Just plain nasty!

You get 1 sideband and something like 250 Hz to 2800 Hz, I would think a
cheap telephone sounds better....

The thing I remember about the KWS-1 was frustration.
Tune the 75A4 and find a qso or cq, zero the kws-1, tune it up, tune the
antenna swr, and someone was already working the CQ or the QSO signed

The rig was built really cool though.


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> Speaking of AM..................Is anyone using a Collins
> KWS-1 on AM? I just recently brought one back to life that has been 
> sitting idle for almost 20 years. I have to say listening to the local 
> monitor the audio in the AM mode doesn't sound half bad even with one 
> sideband missing.
> Thank You
> Tom Elmore  KA1NVZ
> Anchorage, Alaska

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