[AMRadio] Average OP Age was BA Tr FS

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 14:58:13 EDT 2007

Brett gazdzinski wrote:
> I been looking at the extra class test, I can homebrew a station and 
> an antenna, but cant pass that test, lots of stuff about modes I never
> heard of, digital stuff, satellite stuff, vhf stuff, etc.
> YUK!

That was always a point of contention of mine...

Why would I *CARE* what the % of blanking is of black on a video screen 
on ATV, or SSTV?

and, Rules about TV via ham radio confuse me...  if Video (ATV) is only 
on UHF (and above) why do you have to be an Extra to operate ATV, when 
the band is open to Technicians and up?

I memorized those parts of the test/question pool long enough to pass, 
and to hell with the why's...

I learned about j+/- stuff.  Don't remember it, but I remember I studied 
that part of it, for a month, trying to understand more of the 'why' in 
figuring antenna calculations.


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