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W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Mon Jul 23 20:07:34 EDT 2007

I gotta get in here, too.  I turned 70 yesterday and my next project, if I 
ever get the time, is to recreate my old P-P 6L6 Novice rig and PS.  I have all 
the parts ready to go, including the exact same power supply trannies that I 
got from an old radio store.

BTW, If anyone had my original rig or PS or any parts thereof, I will  be 
more that happy to buy them from you.  That rig was sold in the early 60s at I 
believe, the Shelby hamfest. The buyer was one Bobby Dees, but I have never been 
able to locate him.

If it is still intact, you will know it because it is built on a sheet metal 
8 X 12 X 3. There were 2 chassis, with the PS on the bottom and the RF deck 
on top, separated by Erector Set "L" shaped girders.  The chassis were made of 
heat duct shgeet metal and look like the old furnace duct work.

73 and keep 'em lit!

John,  W4AWM

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