[AMRadio] Boatanchor Transmitter FS in Salem, OR

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Mon Jul 23 20:08:10 EDT 2007

I just turned 54, and have been in ham radio 35 years. Since moving here to
the hills of TN 17 years ago, I finally have enough room to put many
boatanchors to use.Still building on big power on AM, while working on SMT
stuff as a tech in the telecommunications field.
                                                       Joe W4AAB
                                                       WN4AUX 1972-73;
WA4AUX 1973-1999
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I'm an old coot, but it seems several of the East Coast Am'ers are younger.
I don't know their ages, but I'm quite sure, Paul, Tim, Steve, Gary and many
others have yet to see their 50's.  However, I agree, most AM ops are older,
but like you said, most hams are older.  All we can do is enjoy it while we
can and let the future of these old boatanchors take care of itself.


I am 49.
One friend I have is younger, but he has done nothing
with ham radio for 20 years, although he still has
quite a bit of stuff....


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