[AMRadio] Average OP Age

Anthony W. DePrato wa4jqs at mikrotec.com
Tue Jul 24 08:48:20 EDT 2007

>Both Bob and Geoff are correct. we are all getting older. i have 6 
>transmitters setting in the shop waiting for me to get them going. 
>but work for the past 20 yrs has kept me out of the shop. now at 
>60.5 yrs i am not working but the past six months has had me 
>catching up on things the xyl wanted done or needed done at home. 
>well that list is now down to 3 items so the work shop got cleaned 
>out so i could get to the benchs last week. now i need to decide 
>what tx's i want to keep and get up an running and which ones i want 
>to pass along to another restorer. like most on this list i took my 
>test in front of the FCC in 62 . took me 3 months after school each 
>day studying.
i am a pack rat hi hi also. that helps so i have lots of parts along 
the two 14ft walls of the shop. yes bob i still have my Heath kit HV 
probe and my shorting stick two items i would never let go of. Geoff 
is correct about the tests. they teach nothing this day and time. i 
taught theory for 15yrs for the local club but fewer and fewer wanted 
anything but a tech lis. so i gave up as more and more just wanted to 
memorize the answers to the tests. Maybe the answer is here on the 
Internet for the new kids? maybe we should start some kind of theory 
class here a refresher for us old farts and a learning chance for 
those who might like to build. who knows maybe out there somewhere is 
a kid that has the bug but just does not know where to start. i know 
i read every email on this reflector and have found that i had 
forgotten a lot more then i thought i had. thanks to you guys i have 
had my mind restarted hi hi.. i know there are a lot of us out there 
hoarding parts that someone needs to start or finish that project. 
maybe we should start asking if anyone needs this or that and maybe " 
i want to build this but how do i start anyone have any ideals" ?. i 
for one want to build a tuner for a  open wire feed ant. have the 
caps coils and R F amp meter just need to figure out what type of 
tuner i need to build. i am going to put together an off center fed 
dipole for 160/80mts and i want a good tuner for it that will handle 
my Globe Champion 350A or my Valiants. anyway think you guys for 
keeping our minds alive and working.
God Bless
73 Tony wa4jqs


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