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Tue Jul 24 10:17:59 EDT 2007

Hi Bob,

Yeah, I sure do remember the FCC examiners.  I took all my exams except the 
extra at the FCC offices.

I'll never forget my first experience with my Novice ticket.  I had juat 
learned the code and really wasn;t solid at 5WPM, but my dad was going to Atlanta 
on business and I asked if I could go along and take the test. I lived in 
Asheville, NC at that time and Atlanta was the nearest examining point unless one 
wanted to go to a quarterly examing point, the closest being Knoxville, TN.  I 
had just missed one there.

In any event, I went into the exam room and they started sending code and I 
started copying.  I was doing really well until I made a fatal mistake.  I 
looked up and there, glaring at me through coke bottle thick glasses was the 
examinar.  He was about 5 feet tall and had a moustache and of course those 
glasses!  I froze solid and could not copy another letter. I"ll never forget those 
words he said after he checked my paper. "Come back and see me in 30 days!"  I 
did and the next time I passed with flying colors, copying all 5 minutes solid 
without a single miss. This time I didn't look at him until I was finished, 
but when he checked my copy, he smiled at me! SAweet revenge.


 John, W4AWM

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