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Tue Jul 24 11:39:47 EDT 2007

Hi Bob,

I don't remember the lady, but I sure will never forget Mr Cline. He was a 
piece of work!

I went back to see him about 6 months later when I took my General. Passed 
the code again, missing only 2 letters out of the whole 5 minutes and also 
missed 2 on the written.  Not too shabby.

My Advanced is a bit of a story.  I had injured my back at work and was off 
for nearly 6 months.  I was determined to accomplish something during that 
period so I deided to take a swat at the Advanced.  It was the last day they gave 
exams at the Baltimore field office b4 the VE program went into effect.  I 
walked into the exam room and they started sending code.  I didn't need it for 
the Advanced since I already had credit for 13 WPM from my General, but I 
decided to copy it anyway. AAfter the test was finished, I asked the examiner what 
the CW was all about.  He told me that it was the Radio Telegraph First exam 
with 25WPM code groups.  I asked if he would mind checking my copy just for 
laughs.  I had only missed one group out of the 5 minute run!  I asked if I could 
possibly get credit for the Extra code test and take a swipe at the Extra 
written.  He said no, that the extra code had to be 20 WPM Plain text.  RATS! At 
least I passed the Advanced written.


John,  W4AWM

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