[AMRadio] Re: Average Age, etc.

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Jul 24 15:58:56 EDT 2007

>I would get about a 50% on the current extra test...


I just turned 65 in June.  Retired on 24MY07.  Now officially old buzzard.

I need to get me a slopbucket rig now so I can get on 20m during the day and 
talk about colonoscopies, medications, blood pressure, social security, etc.

I noticed the same thing when I passed my Extra Class  ham exam and 1st 
Class radiotelephone in 1963.  The questions were pretty easy, and most were 
about things I  was interested in and had experience with, after having 
achieved a kw on cw and 600w on AM with 304-TL modulated by a pair of 211's.

A year or so ago I tried one of those sample Extra Class exams on QRZ.com. 
Not sure how close they are to the real thing, but taking it cold I got 
about 80% - safely into the passing  zone.  Most of the questions I missed 
were about specific IC chips that I  was totally unfamiliar with, and some 
of the modern technology that I have never attempted to use.  I didn't see 
any circuit diagrams or much about Ohm's law or resonant circuits.  I think 
maybe it was a little harder than my 1959 novice test, but definitely easier 
than my General test I took later on that year.


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