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Stevan A. White w5saw at pathwayz.com
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>  How do I get a copy of said article?  Bob is a friend of mine, he's 
> generally not to bashful, he is quite the salesman but somehow or 
> another he failed to mention this one to me.  I suppose he is also at 
> least moderately modest.  (That was meant to be a friendly jab Bob.)  
> Bob does have quite a bit of radio experience and some really great 
> stories about it all.  I know most of what his wife has to say about 
> him, now I'd be interested in reading what World Radio has to say 
> about him.  (That one was friendly too!)
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> Bob Peters wrote:
>> Thanks Dave...W1PE
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>> The recent issue of World Radio magazine has a nice article on Bob
>> Peters.
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