[AMRadio] age pole - JKO

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Wed Jul 25 18:46:53 EDT 2007

> I still think it might be nice to have a poll for how long they have
> been a ham, and one for how long they have been into AM.  Putting the
> results of all three together would give some good info.
> 73
> Brian

Okay, Brian, here's my data:

b. 1956

novice in 1972 WN8PEP   --  Lanse Cruise amateur radio Club, Mt.
Clemens, Mich.

general in 1974 WB8PEP  -- Detroit FCC office

1st Phone in 1974       -- Detroit FCC office

I began using AM in 1974 with a BC-223 (801 modulated by P-P 46's) and a
Hallicrafters S40B, which worked surprisingly well on 75M AM. Later
upgraded to a Lear T30 (6L6 mod by P-P 6l6) for 160m, a Viking I with
813 mod by P-P 8417's, and a Lafayette HE-30 receiver.

Moved to Austin Texas in 1976 and became WD5JKO.


Round Rock, Texas

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