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Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Thu Jul 26 14:01:38 EDT 2007

That Viking I was a great experience for me. I learned a lot from it too.

For the 813, it was an 813 adapted into an 814 base after my 814 died. I used a FW bridge on the Viking I HV supply to get ~ 1500 volts. I used an outboard power supply for the 8417's producing about 550 volts and 300v (regulated). I could get about 150 watts output pretty easy with that rig and still have good AM performance. I had a 125w Stancor polypedance mod transformer. This was a 160-40 rig only.

BTW, that was back in 1975 time frame. Those same 8417's are still in use at ARS W5OMR..


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Jim Candela writes:
> Later
> upgraded to a Lear T30 (6L6 mod by P-P 6l6) for 160m, a Viking I with
> 813 mod by P-P 8417's, and a Lafayette HE-30 receiver. 

That's some Viking I, Jim! Outboard power supply and/or modulator? 

What were you running for plate voltage on the 813? 

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