[AMRadio] Re: VK1 813 rig

DOXEMF at aol.com DOXEMF at aol.com
Thu Jul 26 21:11:54 EDT 2007

Jim Candela writes:

>For the 813, it was an 813 adapted into an 814 base after my 814 died. I used a FW bridge on the Viking I HV supply to get ~ 1500 volts.< 

How did the tank like that much juice? Had to be over the cap spacing with modulation.

>I used an outboard power supply for the 8417's producing about 550 volts and 300v (regulated). I could get about 150 watts output pretty easy with that rig and still have good AM performance. I had a 125w Stancor polypedance mod transformer. This was a 160-40 rig only.<

I see, you didn't get 100% mod with that low of a supply.

Been thinking of squeezing a pair of 4D32s ala Bretts final
sort of so as to keep the voltage lower but current up. The stock VK supply has at least 500 ma available without the onboard modulators.

It's just that I have this fairly clean but unknown condition VK chassis without a cabinet and it would be easy to put up in a rack tray. But have had the tank cap arc over just from a little dust on the edges in my was working one.


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