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Nearly 20 percent of the licensed subscribers to the
ARRL include AM in voice modes they use on HF,
according to a survey of more than 2400 people in
several parts of the country.  The poll was not
commissioned by staffers at the League, but instead
came directly from volunteer regional "directors" of
the group acting on their own initiative.

The poll began July 1, ahead of a July 20-21 meeting
of the Executive Board of the ARRL. The directors,
elected from the Atlantic, Great Lakes and the Delta
divisions, used the results to help provide direction
to the League's paid staff administrators. Some
staffers in Newington had indicated surprise as word
of the non-"headquarters" survey spread through
divisions that did not take part.

The unorthodox project was the talk of the meeting
according a source with knowledge of what went on
behind the closed-door sessions. Other Directors
viewed  the fresh, short-turnaround surveys as a tool
they can repeatedly use in the future  to shape their
policy and program supervision of upper-level ARRL

Atlantic Division Director Bill Edgar/N3LLR initially
developed the survey with help from volunteer local
staff. The poll was conducted as an on-line response
form validated through the use of a subscriber's
"ARRL" email address. A confirmation reply through
that address had to be completed before the responses
would be accepted.

The directors of two other divisions, Delta and Great
Lakes, joined the poll in the final days before it was
rolled out.

Of the 2453 overall responses, 84% (2050) use voice
modes on HF. Within that category 99% use SSB and
17.5% use AM regularly. That was 357 out of the 2050,
according to a statistician compiling the numbers and
sharing them ahead of Edgar's official posting on the
Atlantic Division email reflector.

Some of of the survey was dedicated to assessing
subscriber sentiment regarding the League's failed
"bandwidth petition," withdrawn by the group earlier
this year after overwhelming opposition was filed with
the Federal Communications Commission.

Responses to this part of the poll suggest a high
level of understanding but a lack of support for the
proposal among those who responded to Newington's call
for comments. This is at odds with statements made by
the League's hired attorney, along with statements
from paid League administrators, all of whom had
blamed the failure on a "misunderstanding" on the part
of subscribers and others who successfully fought the

Among the 50 % of subscribers indicating they had read
the petition, nearly 75% said they understood it, with
about 10% of that group sending along some reaction to
the ARRL and the FCC. League executive Dave Sumner
K1ZZ had acknowledged most of the input was negative.
Several informal tallies of formal FCC comments found
the opposition running 6-to-1.

Of those who read the final petition,  just half felt
their input had been "adequately solicited" by the
ARRL ahead of time.

The overall margin of error was said to be +/- 1 %.

The Atlantic Division email reflector will carry
additional details in August, and a presentation with
further analysis is planned at the Maryland ARRL
Convention planned September 8 at the Old Soldiers'
home in Washington, DC (now called the Armed Forces
Retirement Home).

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