[AMRadio] Re: would like to build a little homebrew project

Jason Buchanan jsb at digistar.com
Tue Jul 31 14:35:11 EDT 2007

On Jul 31, 2007, at 12:56 PM, ne1s wrote:

> Jason Buchanan writes:
>> I'm wanting to build a little homebrew project and build bigger  
>> ones  based on what I learn from the smaller project.  Just  
>> wondering if  anyone could point me in the right direction for  
>> building a nice  little AM transmitter, preferably for use on 160  
>> meters...
> Tube, or solid state?
> If tube, there are many possibilities in the older handbooks (left  
> coast as well as ARRL). As a first project, I'd start with a low to  
> medium power class transmitter. If you have trouble finding  
> affordable mod iron, a screen-modulated sweep-tube into a linear  
> amp will put you at roughly 150-200W carrier output (I frequently  
> use such a set-up on 160M).
> If solid state, check out www.classeradio.com/ for some nice  
> designs that'll make you sound like a million bucks.
> When you get 'er done, join us on the Gray Hair Net on 1.945MHz on  
> Tuesday evenings at 8:30 EDT, or 8:00 EST, assuming you are within  
> hollering distance of the northeastern US (I assume you are because  
> of the "1" callsign, but ya never can tell these days ;>))

hi - thanks for the info.  I live in Boxboro, MA which is pretty  
close to QIX's QTH (i'm 1 mile as the crow flies from the Boxboro ham  
fest)...  Got to try to catch up with him on air sometime and maybe  
swing by his house and check out all that great stuff he has.  I have  
heard him on 160 in the past with that monster signal but at the time  
I was super busy and didn't have the time to think about building  
anything...  but now that I have a full wave loop I can work that far  
up into 160m (my old dipole cut for CW had terrible SWR at 1945KC).   
Shucks, maybe I can take a ride up your way if you have time.

I have some Drake 4 line gear and an icom 707 that can run AM so will  
try to listen for you tonight on the gray hair net.  Maybe even try  
to check in but with the Drake's controlled carrier setup it won't be  
the same....


73 Jason N1SU

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