[AMRadio] would like to build a little homebrew project

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I just received a copy of the 12th Radio handbook(1949). After WWII, 160m
was given to LORAN for the most part, and you had to go to the pre-war Radio
Handbooks to find amps for 160m.In recent days on this reflector, use of
4-65's were discussed. A 200 watt input amp using a 4-65 modulated by a pair
of 807's is shown(it is actually a complete transmitter). Of course, this is
80-10m.Lots of good stuff in the old RADIO Handbooks. I have a pair of
HK254's I want to use on 160m.I have an article for an 80-10m version in the
12th edition.

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> I'm wanting to build a little homebrew project and build bigger ones
> based on what I learn from the smaller project.  Just wondering if
> anyone could point me in the right direction for building a nice
> little AM transmitter, preferably for use on 160 meters...   I guess
> I need to find some really old ARRL handbooks because the ones I have
> from the late 60s and 70s aren't helping me.
> thanks
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> 73 Jason N1SU
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