[AMRadio] Drake RV-3 / trip

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 12:54:51 EDT 2007

Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
> Looks like you made it back home fine, Geoff. Enjoyed chatting with
> you while you were up this way last month, hope to work you on the air
> soon -

Hey, Todd! Great talking to you, too!

Yeah, it was a good trip, all in all.  Made Dayton, got to visit with 
Brett/N2DTS and all in all, enjoyed my 4,210 mile driving vacation.

The trip synopsis is...

The trip was uneventful, save for having to replace the back glass in 
the hatch on the Honda civic CRX.  A short-bed dump truck was going the 
opposite direction on a 2-lane road, and apparently a mini-twister 
grabbed the 75m ham stick antenna, and the tri-magnet mag-mount and 
twisted it loose from the top of the car.  When it got air-borne, 
naturally, towards the back of the car it went, until it hit the end of 
the coax... "WHAP! *BAM * /CRASH/ TINKLE, Tinkle tinkle..."  I Thought I 
had been shot at, or something.  The mount got free of the car, hit the 
end of the coax, bashed out the glass, broke free of the coax, bounced 
and rolled around on the highway, and slung off all of the magnets.  I 
found one magnet, and the 75m ham-stick, but the mount is probably still 
tumbling somewhere in a corn field near the Illinois/Indiana state line.

Got the back glass fixed in New Jersey (for about $800 less than what a 
glass place wanted in Indianapolis!), bought another tri-mag mag-mount 
at HRO in New Castle, Delaware, (on the way out of Jersey) but the 40m 
antenna refused to work, and I wasn't in the car at the right time for 
75m, so kinda gave up on HF mobile.

DID pick up a 10m/CB rig from Brett/N2DTS when I was in Jersey, but I 
never heard anyone on 10m.  Listened to lots of smokey reports on 27.185 
MHz, though :-)

So, the short summary of the trip was, drove from San Antonio to Dallas 
on Monday the 14th for an overnight visit, from Dallas to North Central 
Missouri, to visit some friends for 3 or 4 days, left that Friday 
morning for Dayton.  The glass got broke in Illinois, between MO and 
OH.  Left Dayton around 4pm Saturday afternoon and drove to Wheeling, 
WVA, stopped for the night there, then drove the next morning across PA 
(and the !@#% turnpike - $16.75 from Washington, PA to Philly - highway 
robbery!  The turnpike opened in 1940.  Ain't it paid for, yet?) and 
made it to my New Jersey destination, Sunday evening.  Got the glass 
fixed in Jersey, and left there Thursday morning, rambling my way back 
to San Antonio.  Stopped in Willis, TX to climb a tower, and came on 
home Sunday afternoon. 

14 days on the road. 3 nights in a hotel, 2 nights in the car.

73 = Best Regards,
(safe at home in San Antone)

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