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In defense of the PA Turnpike, take Route 30 and then let me know when you 
are getting out of traction!

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>I have to laugh at you comments regarding the PA Turnpike. I'm a life-long
> resident of PA and one thing that I know for sure is that the Turnpike is 
> a
> cash cow. It is self supporting with respect to the users paying for that
> road. I too am dismayed when I use it even for short distances and what is
> costs. I avoid it if possible but am glad to pay if it is an alternate 
> route
> around a major backup on the other interstate roads. The latest thing with
> the PA Turnpike is that the Commonwealth of PA is considering selling or
> leasing the Turnpike to private enterprise for the fast cash the can get 
> to
> meet today's overspending on everything else. Pretty soon we will have
> Starbucks Kiosks in the State Capital Dome in order to turn a buck. All of
> us have to live on what we earn but not government.
> Sounds like you had a great and memorable trip. I'm jealous of your
> magnificent road trip!
> Tom K3TVC
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> excerpt:
>> So, the short summary of the trip was, drove from San Antonio to Dallas
>> on Monday the 14th for an overnight visit, from Dallas to North Central
>> Missouri, to visit some friends for 3 or 4 days, left that Friday
>> morning for Dayton.  The glass got broke in Illinois, between MO and
>> OH.  Left Dayton around 4pm Saturday afternoon and drove to Wheeling,
>> WVA, stopped for the night there, then drove the next morning across PA
>> (and the !@#% turnpike - $16.75 from Washington, PA to Philly - highway
>> robbery!  The turnpike opened in 1940.  Ain't it paid for, yet?) and
>> made it to my New Jersey destination, Sunday evening.  Got the glass
>> fixed in Jersey, and left there Thursday morning, rambling my way back
>> to San Antonio.  Stopped in Willis, TX to climb a tower, and came on
>> home Sunday afternoon.
>> 14 days on the road. 3 nights in a hotel, 2 nights in the car.
>> --
>> 73 = Best Regards,
>> -Geoff/W5OMR
>> (safe at home in San Antone)
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