[AMRadio] Yankees vs. Southerners

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Jun 1 17:15:27 EDT 2007

This following clip is REALLY a hoot!
> But, you have to agree that most of you Southerners stay indoors 
> during the summer while we Yankees spend time outdoors without the 
> fear of snakes and other wild critters.
Having been born in Illinois, spent quite a bit of time in Wisconsin, 
stationed in Pennsylvania, and have lived in Florida, Georgia and other 
locales, the 'purported' absence of snakes and critters in Yankee 
territory MUST come from someone in Suburbia and spends all the rest of 
the time in an office building!

Snakes are plentiful in Illinois, Wisconsin, AND Pennsylvania.  They 
AREN'T all non-poisonous either!  One is the timber rattlesnake.  The 
four-legged varieties include raccoons, Lynx, and the worst I've 
encountered is the Bobcat.  These are DEFINITELY in existence in these 
three states.

They have a bearing on Radio hobbyists.  Go out and string dipoles in 
wooded areas.  You'll eventually find them - IF - they don't find you 
first!  Learned in Illinois and Wisconsin to wear high top leather 
boots.  It reduces the chance that the fanged one will succeed!

I am now in Virginia.  Geoff may argue whether it's the South, BUT it 
was the capitol of the Confederacy.  We do NOT stay inside in the 
summer!  I take my telescopes out year round.  I carry a concealed 
handgun due to the 'critters'!  I'm NOT concerned over the two-legged ones.

Bob - N0DGN

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