[AMRadio] info and oops

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 19:00:39 EDT 2007

Mike Sawyer wrote:
> Geoff said: So, John has Otis' 833 final in his possession and is going to 
> replace
> the bias transformer, along with re-creating some low-voltage for
> regular firing....Never fear, gentlemen(*), if -anyone- on this planet knows 
> that rig as
> well as Otis does, it's a spunky, young, "Boraxo Kid", known as John/WA5BXO.
> Do either you or John have schematics for said 833 rig? I'm entertaining the 
> notion of building a HB rig with an 833 modulated by a pair of 810's and 
> don't really feel like re-inventing the wheel if a tried and true creation 
> already exists.

can't go wrong with the tried and true methods that people have been 
using for years.

No, I don't think there's a schematic for that rig... one thing to note 
though... Otis wound his own link.  Instead of the traditional two or 
three turn link, he wound a piece of wire in a 'clock-spring' fashion... 
starting in the middle and winding, on edge, around 4 or 5 turns through 
a piece of phenolic.  He claimed that the side-by-side turns kept 
arc'ing over, so he wound it like that, instead, and the wire comes from 
the middle out to the opposite side, to complete the link.

For neutralizing, he used a small value, high-voltage vacuum variable 
capacitor he got from his childhood friend, Koby/K5MZH(sk),

Truly a unique individual, that Otis.


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