[AMRadio] FS: BA Homebrewer Parts, Electrolytics, FT-243 Xtals

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 10:06:59 EDT 2007

For Sale: Homebrewer Parts. All prices plus shipping.

FT-243 crystals--44 pounds of them. I estimate there
are 900 or so FT-243 crystals here. I have not gone
through them at all. They all seem to be WWII-era
military units. Scanning across the top of the box,
the ones on top look to be in the 4, 5, 6 and 7
megacycle range. I’d prefer one buyer for all of them
for $235 which is 25 cents each. If that doesn’t work,
then I’ll sell them in random lots of 100 for $25. I
won’t look for individual frequencies--too much work.

Buss Fuse Rack with fuses. This heavy blue plastic
rack is about 9x12x 2inches deep. It was designed to
sit upright at an angle on the workbench. It says Buss
Fuses across the top and holds 100 of those small
containers of 3AG-type small glass cartridge fuses.
But many of these containers have smaller fuses in
them--AGA and SFE types. Some containers are empty but
most have at least some fuses in them. Also included
are over 100 random loose 3AG-size fuses that you can
use to restock this thing. $30

Neutralizing caps, a large shoe box full. This
contains two NOSB Millen 15003 caps plus maybe a dozen
used National, Bud and EFJ caps of varying sizes. All
ready for your next triode transmitter project.

Shafts, links, couplers and drives--about 8 pounds.
This collection includes all the best  insulated shaft
couplers, flexible shafts, gear drives, right angle
drives and everything else you might ever need for
control coupling on transmitter and receiver projects.
Some NOSB National and EFJ. But mostly used. All in
good condition. No junk. $70/all

Potentiometers, NOS. This is one large box of 51 NOSB
pots, mostly Centralab and Mallory, plus 2 dealer
cabinets of pots and pot parts--one Centralab metal
cabinet and one Clarostat cardboard cabinet. These
cabinets have small assortments of NOSB pots and parts
in them. The Centralab cabinet is about half full. The
Clarostat cabinet is only about one third full.

Electrolytics, NOS. This is a large box of 46 NOS
can-type twist-lock electrolytic caps. Most are
multisection. Over half are 350 volts and up. But the
rest are lower voltage typically 150V. Brands are
Mallory, Sprague and Zenith. Also included are 8 NOSB
Sprague Atom type axial-lead electrolytics in useful
sizes. $90/box

Electrolytics, NOS. Similar to above with 54 caps in
the box. Mallory, Sprague and Zenith. No Atoms in this
one. $100/box

Wire on spools, one large box of maybe 20 spools.
These spools are small  and mostly contain small
enameled wire, good for coil winding. 15 pounds or so.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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