[AMRadio] Broadcast Transmitter...

Thomas Adams quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jun 7 12:24:29 EDT 2007

At 03:18 AM 6/7/2007 -0500, you wrote:
>Imagine the electric bill for that baby each month...Yower!!!

That, and probably HD radio considerations, are probably the reason 
they're selling it. It looks like it's been well and lovingly maintained;
this box is clearly the Pride and Joy of the chief engineer.

I dearly LOVE the traditional, high level plate modulated broadcast designs,
but even an old fart like ME recognizes that in terms of overall efficiency
they're power hungry dinosaurs. And trying to run HD with it is just begging
for trouble.

Whoever buys it, I just hope they appreciate that they're getting a
that was not just maintained, but clearly LOVED. That's clearly apparent from
the photos. And beleive me, I KNOW; I've seen my share of broadcast
and you can tell the poorly maintained ones with a quick glance.

Mr. T., W9LBB

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