[AMRadio] My Gates BC-1T Project

A.R.S. - W5AMI ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 19:32:17 EDT 2007

Here are some photos of my new Gates BC-1T project.  As you can tell,
the inside of the shack is not finished, nor am I done working on the
conversion of the transmitter to the ham bands, however it is coming
along.  It is very difficult for me to get photos of the entire
transmitter at once since it's not on a dolly yet, and I can not turn
it enough to get the front square on, etc.  The Meter sub-panel and
the right access panel are removed to allow access to the guts right
now.  The wide angle lens I was using sort of distorted some of the
edges as if they are bowed out.

We (my wife included) have worked hard with brushes, vacuum cleaner,
Simple Green, Windex, and a lot of patience to get it where it is now.
 I still have some to do to get the inside pristine.  It really was
maintained very well by the station engineer at KVOC in Casper, WY, so
it was mainly surface dust we had to remove.  I'm pretty proud of how
it is has come out at this point.

None of the 833's are installed, nor are any of the rest of the tubes,
for that matter.  They will go in last.

Here is a raw listing of the images, all JPEGS and under about 100k each:


Brian / wa5am
PS: I'd really like some ideas on simple PTT circuits for this thing.
I basically know what it takes to do it, however if anyone has
simplified the remote control Gates specifies, I would really like to
hear about it.  I'm going to run "rock bound" at first and try to use
my Flex SDR as an RX.

73 de wa5am

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the streets after them. - Bill Vaughan

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