[AMRadio] My Gates BC-1T Project

kg4ojz at hotmail.com kg4ojz at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 10 20:37:25 EDT 2007

Nice.... I am restoring a BC-1H and I also have a BC-1T parts transmitter. 
I'd like to discuss mods with you sometime on getting it on 75 and
160.  I will be using an HP frequency synthesizer as a vfo.
Bob KG4OJZ (ex K1SUI)
kg4ojz at (opposite of cold)mail dot com

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> Here are some photos of my new Gates BC-1T project.  As you can tell,
> the inside of the shack is not finished, nor am I done working on the
> conversion of the transmitter to the ham bands, however it is coming
> along.  It is very difficult for me to get photos of the entire
> transmitter at once since it's not on a dolly yet, and I can not turn
> it enough to get the front square on, etc.  The Meter sub-panel and
> the right access panel are removed to allow access to the guts right
> now.  The wide angle lens I was using sort of distorted some of the
> edges as if they are bowed out.
> We (my wife included) have worked hard with brushes, vacuum cleaner,
> Simple Green, Windex, and a lot of patience to get it where it is now.
> I still have some to do to get the inside pristine.  It really was
> maintained very well by the station engineer at KVOC in Casper, WY, so
> it was mainly surface dust we had to remove.  I'm pretty proud of how
> it is has come out at this point.
> None of the 833's are installed, nor are any of the rest of the tubes,
> for that matter.  They will go in last.
> Here is a raw listing of the images, all JPEGS and under about 100k each:
> http://w5ami.net/bc-1t/
> Brian / wa5am
> PS: I'd really like some ideas on simple PTT circuits for this thing.
> I basically know what it takes to do it, however if anyone has
> simplified the remote control Gates specifies, I would really like to
> hear about it.  I'm going to run "rock bound" at first and try to use
> my Flex SDR as an RX.
> 73 de wa5am
> Brian
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> the streets after them. - Bill Vaughan
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