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> PS: I'd really like some ideas on simple PTT circuits for this thing.
On my BC-1T I took out the latching jumper on the plate relay (shown on the 
diagram as going from #7 of the plate relay to TB-9), and used the normal 
external plate switch terminals TB1-8 and -9 for the for the contacts of my remote 
control relay.  I run the remote relay on 24 volts via the PTT switch at the 
operating position.  Another set of contacts on this relay also keys the 
antenna switching coaxial relay on the top of the rig.  I am thinking, however, of 
using a backwards 120v/12v transformer in parallel with the 240 VAC primary of 
the plate supply to feed the antenna relay coil - that way it would switch 
when I press the front panel play lever as well.  Might not be as good, my 
present set-up gives a slight sequential timingadvantage:  antenna first, then 
plates on.

For the PTT switch that keys the remote relay I used an ordinary SPST wall 
switch as used in household wiring.  I mounted it in an outlet box under the 
front lip of the operating desk, and added a red light to the cover plate so I 
can see it is on.

Steve WD8DAS

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