[AMRadio] My Gates BC-1T Project

ROLYNN PRECHTL K7DFW k7dfw at clatskanie.com
Sun Jun 10 22:25:27 EDT 2007

I am thinking, however, of using a backwards 120v/12v transformer in
parallel with the 240 VAC primary of the plate supply to feed the antenna
relay coil - that way it would switch when I press the front panel play
lever as well.  Might not be as good, my present set-up gives a slight
sequential timingadvantage:  antenna first, then plates on.

Regarding the antenna connection/HV timing issue. To be 100% sure that there
would be no catastrophic incidents if the HV was applied before the antenna
connection, I use a Johnson 250-39 TR switch. That way the antenna is always
connected to the TX.



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