[AMRadio] stuff for sale

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 12:25:18 EDT 2007

I don't have these things, but they came from a swap-list I'm on... 
thought maybe someone else might be interested.

I -think- David/WB4VQC is in Austin, Texas


> Oscilloscope- Tektronix 547 w/dual&single trace/
>  /diff amp plugins/cart/cables/probe $69
>  Linear amps- HF and 6m, sale only to licensed ham
>  Transformers, plate, filament, and choke xfmrs,
>  individually or as lot, contact ffinfo.
>  HP 310A Wave Analyzer (tunable RF Vmeter w/adj bwdth)
>  can use as AM SSB or CW rcvr $89
>  see www.geocities.com/hagtronics/hp310.html and
>  www.fairradio.com/catalog.php?mode=viewitem&item=482
>  Unisys Aquanta server w P3 boards no CPUs, $29.
>  Complete Heathkit SB Series kW Station:
>  SB-303 rcvr, SB-401 xmtr, SB-200 Amp,
>  SB-630 swr/clock/timer/patch, SB-600 spkr,
>  SB-610 station monitor oscilloscope,
>  HM-2103 dummy load and wattmeter
> David    WB4VCQ drwolf at realtime dot net

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