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John Coleman wrote:
> Am I missing something or is this a typo.  
> Maybe the FCC has opened up a band down at 500KCs that I am not aware of.
> There is a lot I am not aware of these days!!
> John, WA5BXO
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> That would be a cool amp to use on 600 meters.
> Mike
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> WD2XSH/16

This, John, is just from a quick and preliminary search on 600khz... and 
the info is kinda dated, but...

*Date Posted:* /Thu 23 Jun 2005; 9:22am/
*Author:* news
*Subject:* New USA 600m/500kHz ham band

permits close to being issued...

ARRL Applies for 500kHz Experimental License
Group of 23 sites seek to operate in 495-510kHz range.

The American Radio Relay League announced that it filed an application 
for a two-year experimental license under Part 5 of the FCC Rules and 
Regulations, to "permit experimentation and research between 495 and 510 
kHz." Up to 100 watts peak transmitter power (20 watts peak ERP) would 
be used. Requested antenna heights range mostly from 12-18 meters; but a 
few are in the 22-33 meter range, and the Oregon site requests 43 
meters. All are specified as non-directional. Modes listed in the 
application are 50 baud CW and PSK31.

Dr. Frederick (Fritz) Raab, W1FR, will manage the project. Participating 
sites are located in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, 
Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New 
Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, 
Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

This looks interesting...  I'm searching for more data, and will send 
you in a private email.

This bit should contain enough information so that others out there that 
have not heard about it can go in search of more info.

73 = Best Regards,

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