[AMRadio] 505kc (was 450T amp)

WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 14:22:49 EDT 2007

Our group has been operating on 600 meters since last fall with zero 
interference issues. We are hoping to get that spectrum assigned as an 
Amateur Band one day. 2200 meters 135.7-137.8kc is another Part 5 band 
being used the past few years with the same intentions. 1750 160-190kc 
is also being used by Part 5 stations with the same intentions although 
there are fewer licensed stations on that band. The Part 15 Lowfer's 
primarily operate on 1750 meters.

I was thinking of a 450T or 450TL amp on 1750 would be lots of fun in CW 
too. Haven't heard any AM down there but the band certainly is wide 
enough for many stations at once...hi hi...

WD2XGI on 1750 & 2200 meters
WD2XSH/16 on 600 meters

John Coleman wrote:
> Am I missing something or is this a typo.  
> Maybe the FCC has opened up a band down at 500KCs that I am not aware of.
> There is a lot I am not aware of these days!!
> John, WA5BXO

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