[AMRadio] 505kc (was 450T amp)

WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 14:47:01 EDT 2007

hi hi...Pat W5THT is running tubes on the 600 meter band. I recall him 
saying something about his tank coil won't fit inside the amp 
chassis...hi hi...
But the antennas are not too Wahoo on that band. Most are running 50' 
verticals with big hats. Some are running 200-400+' transmitting loops. 
There are a couple 95' or so foot verticals on the band and those guys 
have the real big signals.
Anything over 50' tall works on all 3 low bands. Just as the wife might 
say, 'the bigger the better'...hi hi... Nothing too crazy down there. 
Just got to watch A/C resistance on connections so you don't start fires 
or melt connectors...hi hi...


Rick Brashear wrote:
> Imagine the tank circuit and how about the antenna!
> Rick
> eek, look what I started Jim...hi hi Sorry guys.
> Maybe we should tell them about the Part 5 license's, might get a few 
> new operators down there. Imagine a kilowatt of AM on 1750 meters? hi hi...
> Mike
> /16

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