[AMRadio] 500 Kc (was Re: 450T amp)

WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 16:01:25 EDT 2007

A good way to get the ball rolling would be to apply for a Part 5 
license for that freq or others or even a band. www.fcc.gov/oet is the 
place to go. The form is a 442 and it costs 55 bucks for a application 
the last I heard. Yes AM would sound cool down there. Don't be shy in 
asking for mad power output either. Best to ask for a ERP level rather 
than amp power output.


Bry Carling wrote:
> Why the heck don't they give hams 455 kHz as a CW 
> channel since no one is using it any more? Or even as an AM 
> CHANNEL?!!! Now THERE is a cool idea! You could easily detune 
> the old tube AM broadcast band receivers to use them on that 
> frequency!  Pad those caps down from 530 kc. to 455 kc.
> An idea whose time has COME!

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