[AMRadio] Re: 500 Kc (was Re: 450T amp)

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Thu Jun 14 13:39:24 EDT 2007

Bry Carling writes:
> Why the heck don't they give hams 455 kHz as a CW 
> channel since no one is using it any more? Or even as an AM 
> CHANNEL?!!! Now THERE is a cool idea! You could easily detune 
> the old tube AM broadcast band receivers to use them on that 
> frequency!  Pad those caps down from 530 kc. to 455 kc. 
> An idea whose time has COME! 

Can't be done this way if the BCB receiver IF is 455 Kc, as it commonly is. 
In this case the LO would have to be running at 0 Kc! The way to do it would 
be to disable & bypass the front-end and couple the antenna directly to the 
1st IF stage. 

As someone else had mentioned, problems would be likely with the 455Kc 
signal bleeding into the 455 Kc IF stages of other radios not intended to 
receive it. 


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