[AMRadio] Re: 500 Kc (was Re: 450T amp)

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu Jun 14 19:32:28 EDT 2007

So right you are Joe.  Back in the early 60's in a lab workshop we built
AC/DC Superheterodyne receivers with 465 mc IF's.  Our instructor was always
on the edge of tradition.


I bought some crystals not long ago, and I think I have 465. I remember some
radios had IF's at 465 and 470. Of course, car AM radios are standard at
262.5 kHz.Our county did have GZS at the local airport on 375, but it is not
running anymore. I have a crystal for that, too.Maybe I should see what
happened to the transmitter so I can get something on 500 kHz band.Got 5
acres for antennas!!

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