[AMRadio] Re: 500 Kc (Old Gear)

DOXEMF at aol.com DOXEMF at aol.com
Thu Jun 14 20:43:54 EDT 2007

Larry/NE1S writes:

>Terry, W2PFY runs a Westinghouse SW broadcast trnsmitter. We kid him about 
>being an "appliance operator." :>) 

  Now that's a LARGE appliance! I probably have heard him on it!
Mostly listen every evening till real late. Currently using a fairly stock FT101E for the low variable output while I figure out a working antenna and feel out the neighbors, a Bank, Lawyers, ETC near by.
  Just rran another piece of wire which connects as a sort of rectangular loop approx 18ft X 50 ft with 15 ft of ball line to the tuner. 
SWR is great and field strength shows RF in the air but been too noisy to try and make a contact with 25watts.
 Btw I'm on the second floor immediatly under the loop. No more building noises on receive and real good signals but now have a wide band rasp that is centered just about on 3885.
 Have got to take the portable and snoop around outside.

 If the Ant works then will put up a VK II and get some real AM going. Just don't want to set off the bank alarms or the lawyers answering machine. If that works then the next project is a Meissner 150-B powered GP-7 tuning unit W/811s Mod and 813

Keep your ears open for a PW ricebox in N.A.
Am hearing most NE signals real strong, even Jim N3JUH down in PA. Ken,DTC and QIX are probably the channel masters.

73 Bill/KB3DKS/1

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