[AMRadio] Re: 500 Kc (was Re: 450T amp)

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Fri Jun 15 08:07:09 EDT 2007

Bry Carling wrote:
> Of course Larry - you are right. Why didn't I think of that?!!
> We should settle for a ham allocation at 465 kHz instead then!
> Come to think of it they should just give us all of 
> 465 to 510 kHz for AM ONLY!!
> And have 500 kHz reserved as an emergency callling channel 
> for CW only! Yeah that'll suit us!

Any new ham frequency allocation, especially one reserved for AM, would 
be a good thing! :>)

Playing on AM on these frequencies would be a blast, methinks...


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