[AMRadio] What is this???

WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 17 01:30:51 EDT 2007

That's how those CB'ers get to sell illegal amps on eBay by saying they 
are Amateur band amps. BS... Too bad the FCC doesn't bid to win those 
amps and arrest the seller when they go to pick the amps up. Instead of 
watching Cops on TV we could be watching FCC gets CB'ers and locks 'em 
up...hi hi...


Bob Peters wrote:
> I was just looking on E Bay and came across a TEXAS STAR DX-100 AMP...
> Any ideas what fqs it is or how much power or drive and bands????  It
> has a AM switch on it..Looks like a CB AMP but the seller says Ham Radio
> only...Never heard of it...
> Bob W1PE

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