[AMRadio] metal dial plates

David Knepper collinsradio at comcast.net
Sun Jun 24 07:40:50 EDT 2007

Could anyone assist me in securing metal dial plates for my Collins 
reproduction project?  I am searching for a company that could press out the 
calibration lines from 0 to 100 for a dial plate to make some dials for an 
older pre-World War II Collins transmitter.

These dial plates measure about 4 inches in diameter and are either nickle 
plates or ??

Also, I am looking for 3" inch knobs that were made by General Radio.  I can 
forward jpegs of the dial plates and knobs if you need them.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Thank you
David Knepper, W3ST/W3CRA
Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
Publisher of the Collins Journal
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