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Thanks Steve.  That's good advice.  I have a couple of those dollies,
however, the problem I have is I need to be able to move it under a normal
doorway and to do that I have to keep the overall height of the dolly under
4.5".  I can get the angle iron frame built economically, but I have to
furnish the casters.  Another thing I want to be sure of is the casters have
bearings in the wheels, not just the swivels.  I have an RCA BTA-1R2 that
weighs in at bout 1800 pounds and it has four casters with ball bearing
wheels and it rolls around very easily.  The older and more beat up I get,
the easier I like to make things.  I have rollers under the GE transmitter
now, but they are the "ball roller" type used in some conveyor systems and
they are just not very efficient.  It's easier than not having any rollers,
but not easy enough to turn around while sitting and working on the old gal.

Thanks again,

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For casters for my BC-1T transmitter, I shopped at the local Harbor Freight 
store, but noticed I could save even more money by using two of their 
wooden-frame moving dollies, each with four casters of exactly the same type
as I was 
shopping for, instead of buying the individual casters.   And 8 casters
of four reduces the pressure on each.

Depends on what is on sale at any given moment, of course, but I found it 
very handy to get the ready-made dollies.  I used them for moving the
when it was on its side, and then put them side by side under the rig in the

final upright position.

You can see them in some of the photos on my website  www.wd8das.net in the 
"Big Rig" section   http://www.wd8das.net/gates.html   

Steve WD8DAS

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