[AMRadio] Re:More about the Radio Resuce Mission needed this

John Dilks K2TQN oldradio at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jun 26 16:28:02 EDT 2007

At 01:03 PM 6/26/2007, you wrote:
>Passing this along from a recent add at QTH.com. After this weekend 
>it'll be no more (John Dilks, this is right in your hometown! I'll 
>also bet it's not too far from Brett):
>"NEW JERSEY ESTATE C L E A R O U T It is all going out.

This location has been cherry picked .  He sold the entire estate on 
ebay 6 months ago.  I guess this is what's left and doesn't want to 
carry it out of the cellar by himself.

Wear old clothes, as the cellar used to be very dusty with saw dust.

The tubes there are/were mine, the father borrowed them from me.  It 
is a long story.  In my opinion the son is a greedy person and wanted 
me to sell his fathers estate so the son could have the money, while 
his father was still alive.  His father was my friend, the son is 
not.  I stayed out of it.  Some things are not worth getting into.

I'm sure you will find some parts still there, but no big treasurers.

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