[AMRadio] the Hallicrafters S-47 - a most foul radio.....

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Wed Jun 27 23:35:58 EDT 2007

I have worked on a lot of radios.

But there is something downright ugly about this radio.

Maybe it is the small mountain of paper caps I have replaced.

Or perhaps it is the capacitors in the R.F. section that I have no idea how I
will replace them. 

What were they thinkimg building a radio with paper caps in 
a way that makes them inaccessable?

No, this is nothing like SP600s - those are a cake walk compared to this

All this for a big FM radio with a couple of shortwave bands...



Darn small world - even smaller when it comes to things Corvair.

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