[AMRadio] Steve's BC-1T

SBJohnston at aol.com SBJohnston at aol.com
Thu Mar 1 09:19:39 EST 2007

wa3vjb at yahoo.com writes:

> How $$$ committed are you to this transmitter ?
> Transformer manufacturer Peter Dahl, K0BIT/5 has been
> reducing his prices on his broadcast iron ...

I doubt I can justify paying as much as they'll want, but I'm glad to hear 
that Peter Dahl's company is  becoming a more reasonable option.  I'll inquire 
about the cost.

The low B+ supply's transformer in my rig is already a Dahl replacement, and 
I've used his products in a number of commercial rigs over the years.  Always 
good quality.  

The only trouble I ever had:  I bought a big oil-filled transformer for a 
Gates BC-5P2 and after about a week of operation the transmitter failed.  When I 
got to the site I found that one of the feedthru insulators had shattered into 
pieces and a nice little flame was burning on the end of the sleeving around 
the wire (acting like the wick of an oil lamp!).

Dahl got a free replacement on the way that day and all was well for years 
and years after that.  


Steve WD8DAS

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